Racing Seats

I picked up this project in late 2014. I had just become co-lead of the composites group for the Penn Electric Racing team (more details here) 

The far left seat was designed for our first electric car. I took over seat design to greatly improve on this design as well as adjust for the changes made to the cockpit area of the chassis. 

The middle seat shown is my first design for the REV-1 vehicle. Changes were made to allow for better holding the driver in place as well as large adjustments to the angle of the driver. 

The far right seat is my design for the REV-2 vehicle. After feedback from the drivers of REV-1 the seat was narrowed, the ‘walls’ were made steeper and taller, cutouts for driver elbows were built-in, and a better design for lumbar support was included. 

REV 1 Seat Process
REV 2 Seat Process